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Dual Loyalties

The Builders, the Barons and the British

A Tale of Two Men:

Raphael Kohn – Representative of Baron Rothschild

Joseph Kuperman – Assistant Commissioner
in the British Mandate 

Exhibition Curators: Avital Efrat and Yoram Fogel

A family archive, exposed for the first time, sheds light on events and scenes from the history of Zichron Ya'akov and Eretz Israel in the first half of the 20th century.

The centerpiece of the collection is a photo album given to Raphael Kohn as a retirement gift from JCA, after serving as Baron Rothschild's' representative in ZY for 40 years. Alongside are dozens of photos from special events and various periods of his life. His son-in-law, Joseph Kuperman, was among the few Jews to reach high positions in the British Mandatory government. His collection of personal photos, featuring all of the British High Commissioners, is a rare find.  

In addition to their family ties, another common thread is presented by the stories of these men: the tightrope that each of them were living on, as a member of two distinct groups with parallel, and often contradictory, narratives.

To Zichron Ya'akov’s “Hall of Fame” we hereby add the names of two heroes.

The 123 exhibition

is currently on display,


The museum is dedicated to describing the work of the people of the first Aliyah between the years 1882-1904.

During the tour we join the brave journey of the anonymous settlers who laid the foundation for the Zionist settlement enterprise in the Land of Israel.


The films produced especially for the museum are integrated within the exhibitions and tell the story of a family on its way from the Diaspora to settlement in the country.

The viewer experiences the hardships of the period and its beautiful moments through the experiences of Samuel and Miriam and their children David, Rachel, and Ruth.


The figures of the past are resurrected in the clay figurines of the colonel's sculptor Ora Rosenzweig, who immortalized her childhood memories in Zichron Yaacov.

Address: 2, Hanadiv st. , Zikhron Ya'akov

Phone: 04-6294888 10, Zikhron Ya'akov 3095001

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