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Who are the guides at the museum?
A diverse and dedicated team of people with immense love and with the land imbued with Zionism and human love and with knowledge of the history of the Land of Israel.

Do they know everything about the history of the first Aliyah?
No! But we learn and evolve, and try to answer every question.
If we do not know the answer, we will investigate and demand and get back to you with an answer.

When can I join a tour without a reservation?
During the Passover holiday and the Sukkot holiday, there are guided tours for the general public

Are outside guides allowed to guide inside the museum?
Group instructors who want to guide their group in the museum will coordinate by calling 04-6294777

What do you do on an independent visit without guidance?
The museum has long been an experience for the independent visitor as well, who wanted to move forward at his own pace.
The films run on a regular basis, they have English subtitles.
The signage on the walls in writing is enlightening in Hebrew and English
Information leaflet divided at the entrance in six languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Spanish, German


Address: 2, Hanadiv st. , Zikhron Ya'akov

Phone: 04-6294888 10, Zikhron Ya'akov 3095001

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