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בניין המוזיאון

First Aliyah Museum

In Memory of Moshe and Sarah Arisohn

This historic, beautiful and unique building located in the picturesque town of Zichron Yaakov, originally the administration building for Baron Rothschild's officials, is home to the First Aliyah Museum in memory of Moshe and Sarah Arison.

The museum tells the story of the people of the First Ascent, Jewish immigrants to the Land of Israel in 1882-1904.

Told through engaging short films produced specifically for the museum are integrated within the exhibits to tell the story of a family on its way out from among the Diaspora to colonies in Israel. Viewers experience the struggles and difficulties of the period along with the determination and faith of all of the settlers through the experiences of Shmuel, his wife Miriam, and their children David, Rachel, and Ruth.

The sculptures displayed throughout the museum symbolizing the Zichron Yaakov residents of old and their various day-to-day activities make visitors feel as though he or she were there his or herself during the establishment of those first colonies 140 years ago. These figures of the past are resurrected in clay by Ora Rosenzweig, the daughter of two of the first farmers, immortalizing her childhood memories of Zichron Yaakov for all to see.

The museum offers a wide array of educational workshops for students.

All of this - available under the roof of the building considered the most beautiful in all of Israel.


Independent Tour -

Adult 20 NIS

Children (5-18) and seniors 15 NIS


Guided tour -

Adult 25 NIS

Child/young adult and seniors 20 NIS


The tours are provided by museum staff

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, and Spanish

Approximate duration: 75 minutes


Full Accessibility


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Let's get to know the exhibits in the museum
Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 11.32.18.png
On the Entrance Floor:

  • Forerunners of Zionism - Leaders and Thinkers.

  • The Ascent to the Land of Israel: “We will turn the desert into a blooming orchard” (Film #1).

  • Maps of the countries of origin

  • “A land flowing with milk and honey…” Swamps, sand and rocks, and it is here that it must begin.

  • The purchasing of property and establishment of villages

  • The First Year of Settlement, 1883: Disease and Crises (Film #2)

  • The wall of the early colonists of Zichron Yaakov, the men and women who laboriously built up a new colony, who laid the very foundations of Today’s flourishing State.

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 11.22.54.png
On the First floor:
בית הספר העממי זכרון יעקב, שנות ה-20.jpe
אריזון משה ושרה.jpeg

  • Photo gallery of our building throughout time

  • Story of the Arisohn Family

  • WC   

On the second Floor:

Baron Rothschild adopts the colonies and becomes their main source of financial support. He sends officials and agricultural experts to Israel who oversee advancement in agronomy and production, but whose attitude toward the settlers undermines the immigrants' dream of becoming free farmers in the Land of Israel.

  • The perfume industry and initial confrontation with the Baron's officials (Film #3)

  • Establishment of the wineries and now booming wine industry (Exhibit)

  • Rebellion (Film #4)

  • The Second Wave - 1890 - and the expansion of the Settlement Movement (Map and Models).

  • Baron Hirsch and the Jewish colonies in Argentina.

  • The transfer of the Moshavot to the JCA, 1900

  • Hebrew Education: The revival of the Hebrew language (Film #5 )

  • Farewell to the Baron and the Baroness: A Burial Tribute (Exhibit)

Gallery of temporary exhibits.

On the Third Floor:

The Conclusion film is shown in our spacious auditorium.


Ruth and David, the children we have followed since the first film, catch us up on how the rest of their lives played out, from the First Aliyah to the establishment of the State in 1948.


The movie includes rare documentary footage shot in 1913, and other parts filmed during the British Mandate.


The film duration is 10 minutes


The auditorium has 80 seats and can be used for lectures, conferences, and events.

Information center and library

Open to the public by prior arrangement, a comprehensive library on the history of the Land of Israel. The Zionist movement, the First Aliyah colonies, Biographies of thinkers and leaders. It also includes books on their education, medicine, women's contributions, early defense systems, agriculture, and art. The library also contains rare copies of books received as donations.

Shaul Dagan Archive

The personal archive of the researcher Shaul Dagan, and all the books he published are in our library. Digital copies of the collection are available. One can visit Shaul Dagan on the website Rishonim in Eretz Israel [He].

And in the basement:

Activities for children and families

  • Name that Object: Paraphernalia from the House of Old

  • Period clothing for a ye-olde family photograph

  • Preschool-friendly antique household belongings corner

Craft workshops (weaving, knitting, calligraphy, etc.) are held on Hanukkah and by special request. 

Perfect for birthday parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.


Address: 2, Hanadiv st. , Zikhron Ya'akov

Phone: 04-6294888 10, Zikhron Ya'akov 3095001

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